Ravona Third-party equipment integration

At Ravona company we have the knowledge and the ability to integrate all types of instrumentation, apparatus, and equipment to work within our isolators.

We work with numerous manufacturers that specialize in the fabrication of various equipment specialties such as Blenders, Micronizers, Filtration equipment, reactors, Milling machines, sieving Machines, Mixers, Filing machines, weighting systems, VHP generators, and more.


Ravona plays an active role in setting Industrial Design and engineering that are world-class innovative product development and technology. We offer comprehensive knowledge and help in characterization the properties of the needed equipment features and services to support the containment assurance.


As experts in Controlled environment and containment solutions products and processes, we understand our customer's needs to comply with the strictest international standards and directives even after integration with another type of equipment.


Quality assurance (QA) is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers.

ISO 9000 defines as "part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled".

Integrating Superfine micronizer product line.

Superfine Vortex technology- The best solution for the micronization of High-Potent API’s


  • Creating aerodynamic conditions as in a Tornado storm, Superfine’s Vortex technology is optimal to obtain very small particles in one pass

  • No amorphization or degradation of the material

  • Suitable for soft, sensitive materials

  • No moving parts, easy maintenance

Size and capacity

  • Equivalent in capacity to a 200 mm standard air jet mill – optimal for High-Potent API’s

  • Small cyclone, single filter-bag, easy to handle and clean

  • The entire system Fits in a single compartment glove box, with dimensions of approx. 200x170x60 cm

  • Ergonomic design, operation, and maintenance by one person.

  • The main parts are small enough to pass through the exit port for maintenance.

Proven applications at a commercial scale

  • Respiratory products for inhalers and nasal sprays

  • Anti-cancers

  • Proteins


  • Robust, proven technology.

  • High-quality powder in terms of uniformity, tail control, and purity.

  • Always one pass – better product, higher yields, efficient process.

  • The system’s small footprint enables a simple containment design

  • Small equipment surface area provides better yield and quicker turnovers between batches.

For more information please check the Superfine website: https://www.superfinemicro.com/


Fitting a whole Rotary Evaporator - 20L Into an isolator 

A special request from a customer to fit a whole Rotary Evaporator - 20L into an isolator and to be able to work with is , loading/unloading 

rotary evaporator-Integrated