Completed Projects and Containment Solutions

Robotics & Isolator Systems 

Robotics & Isolator Systems is The best  Combination for Advanced Aseptic Processing.

Ravona Isolator technology is ready for adaptation with robotics and some of the manipulator's arms on the market that is already electronically and mechanically controlled.

The systems require custom fittings and covers to protect the moving parts and the products inside these chambers.

Many of these Isolators/Glove boxes are widely used in advanced electronics and pharmaceutical facilities.

In the Pharmaceutical industry, there are over 200 aseptic filling lines using isolators and industry leaders and manufacturing engineers continue to embrace enclosures.


Ravona’s Drum Sampling System enables pharmaceutical companies to easily and safely sample potent and sensitive substances. The System is implemented in logistical and distribution centers. The System is most suitable for potent substances as well as oxygen/humidity/light-sensitive substances. Ravona’s Drum Sampling System eliminates the use of awkward solutions such as pressure suits or exposure of the user or substances.

Ravona’s Drum Sampling System consists of one working chamber and two airlock systems. The containers are inserted into a smart airlock system, enabling the user to sample the substances in a controlled environment.

Ravona’s Drum Sampling Systems are custom made to fit various types, sizes and shapes of barrels and other containers. The Chamber and airlocks are made of SS316, fully cleanable with round corners and surface polish of Ra<0.4. The system uses a “Guillotine” type door to allow easy operation and space-saving. The system is fully PLC controlled with pre-conditions alarms and warnings. Full cGMP documentation is provided.

Ravona’s Drum Sampling System was first developed for Teva Pharmaceutical. This is another example of our customized innovative solutions. 

 Ravona Drum Sampling isolator system
Feeder, micronizer filter bags integtated into  an Isolator.

Today’s Pharmaceutical industry demands various process be conducted in a contained environment. Ravona focuses on working with our customers on creating innovative solutions to adhere to our customers process needs.

Our process isolators combine and integrate a wide variety of instrumentation and apparatus within the isolator working chamber. Our process isolators integrate solutions provided by our industry partners.

We offer Isolators for a wide range of process isolators for R&D, QA and Production:

  • Preparation: Sampling, dispensing, sub-division, weighting

  • Manipulation: Mixing, Milling, Grinding, Micronizing, Sieving, Reactors

  • Final Process: Vacuum dryer ovens, Filter dryer oven, Tablet press enclosures, Pack off systems

Our process isolators are designed with the full cooperation of our client to meet his exact needs. With a new isolator, we recommend using a full-size mockup to test the ergonomically fitting aspects of the chamber.


Our process isolators are great cost savers to our clients as surrounding areas can be operated at a much lower classification and cost.



Available Options

  • Full-size wooden mockup for ergonomically design

  • Epoxy coating (corrosive surroundings)

  • Oxygen free environment



Unlike traditional hazardous substances, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are designed to have an effect on the human body. Exposure to such API substances may result in short and long health hazard to working personnel.

Ravona isolators combine and integrate an array of instrumentation and apparatus within the isolators working chamber, with full cooperation of other suppliers of equipment.

Aseptic /Sterile  Isolator

Ravona design Aseptic Isolators allow easy working with Potent Biological substances that demand an aseptic environment. The system is designed for use in biological potent laboratories mainly for manipulation of potent biological substances. The system allows easy working environment for researchers eliminating the needs of pressure suits and other awkward solutions.

Ravona’s Aseptic Isolators are focused on protecting the user. The chamber works under negative pressure conditions to ensure full containment. The system is designed to ensure internal laminar flow to aid in preventing contamination and cross-contamination.

Ravona’s Aseptic Isolators are made of SS316 construction with full effective cleaning abilities among which are rounded corners, Cleaning in Place (CIP), surface polish of Ra<0.4.

Full cGMP documentation is provided.


Available Options:

Preparation for various VPHP generators

Control of blower speed during weighing phase

BIBO enclosures HEPA filters

Various illumination wavelength

The complete separation of the internal and external environment results in surrounding area that can be operated at a much lower classification and consequently lower cost.

Weighing and distribution isolators:


These glove boxs/  isolators are available as standard and/or customized systems. S

tandard systems are used in analytical and quality control applications, for level weighing, distribution, and dilution or dissolving.

Customized systems made for production level weighing and distribution.


The weighing and distribution/dilution setups can acomedate  designs that integrate mixers, mills, powder transfer systems and other equipment inside the atmosphere.


Weighing isolators challange the support for the scale and on air handling during the weighing process.

Static electricity impose a major influence on the design and materials used in such isolators/ glove boxs.


Target industries are: nuclear, pharmaceutical and medical.


Glove box /Isolator under negative pressure


RABS  Restricted Area Barier System

Restricted area barrier system:


RABS is a type of barrier system for aseptic processing of pharmaceutical products that reduces or eliminates interventions into the critical zone. 
In practice, its level of contamination control lies somewhere on the spectrum between a conventional cleanroom aseptic processing and an isolator.

The ISPE has decided that in order to be classified as a RABS, a system must include the following elements:
• Properly designed equipment
• Management oversight
• A quality system in place
• Proper surrounding room design to maintain ISO 5 in the critical zone
• Proper gowning practice
• Proper training
• Initial high-level disinfection with a sporicidal agent
• Proper SOP's for rare interventions
• Disinfection
• Appropriate line clearance
• Documentation of event.




Special design portable isolators.


With size limitations and the need for few portable isolators, Ravona engineers produces the ultimate solution for the clients specific requirements in this project.

• Properly designed equipment
• Management oversight
• Built in special tray system with an under the chamber portable water tank.
• Proper quick connections for supplies to accommodate full portability.
• Special pneumatic system assisting in water tank lift and seal.










Adding containment to an existing sieving machine.


Existing manufacturing process machine may be needed for the processing of upscale potent pharmaceutical ingridiance.


Changing the machines in the process to different machines that are contained may pose problem of initiating the whole process validation.


Ravona has proven that such conversion of existing machines (sieving, grinding, micronizing ,etc.) can be achieved in a cost effective solution.


Being a custom made product manufacturer ,our engineers examine all possibilities in applying a containment to an existing equipment that withstand the standard tests and still be ergonomic to the user. 










Our most common size


Ravona engineers produces the ultimate solution for the clients specific requirements in this project, however, one can see a ready working isolator and half the process is eliminated when he chooses an identical size, dimensions and functionality.



This size allow the placement of any kind weighting device , working surface for dispensing,sampling, packing and preparing products.










Place an entire process into an isolator


Unique pharmaceutical industry R&D isolators are a full contained lab.

Process. Process done in such isolator can be obtained in an oxygen free, ATEX environment.


Custom feeds of supplies for reactors and filters in the isolator are provided.


Special seal mount motors on the outside of the chamber along with a flexible shaft allow easy risk free electric mixer operation inside the reactor.


Dual level chamber with floating floor provides size matching and storage capacity blow the work area floor.


For further information please contact us.



In line or indevidual washing chamber 


• High pressure multi direction washing nozzles.

• Custom configurations for best results on applicable containers.
• Fully automatic washing cycles. 

• Pre program for several washing cycles timing. 
• Option for hot air drying at the end of washing cycle.
• Pre heated  washing water up to 70C.  

• Options for reusable water or fresh water washing.
• All stainless steel construction.

• Pneumatic lift front glass door stainless steel frame.









Production folders paperwork venting work station



Paper work taken to production suites involving powders are exposed to residues of powders in between the papers.


At the end of the paperwork usage, the folders are placed in plastic bags and taken to the company archives.


Complains from archives personnel of physical reactions lead to the development of this work station .


Hanging the folder in the provided clips , and turning on the powerful sucking blower ,  creates turbulence air flow that flips the paper and the powder residue is sucked into the bottom of the workstation through a pre filter and a HEPA filter .


Filters can be easily and safely changed when needed.










API Dispensing Isolator 


Dispensing from bags, containers and barrels, this isolator has a unique weighting system for small quantity and balk quantity directly into bags using EZDOCK Valves inside a down flow booth to eliminate workers exposure to particles at the unloading point.










Ravona positive pressure compounding Aseptic Sterile Isolator.


is designed to provide a sterile positive pressure work environment for the compounding weighting and packing  of non-hazardous drugs. HEPA filtered flow supply at 20 air changes per minute within both the work zone ISO Class 5 conditions. Laminar airflow assures a continuous stream of HEPA filtered air across the work zone and interchange areas assuring sterility and minimizing cross contamination.

VHP M100 3.jpg

ATEX Isolator

Isolator to be installed in an ATEX Environment and ATEX compliant working chamber for dispensing procedure.

The isolator is designed to carry out activities and powder transfer procedures (API) in complete safety.

The isolator consists of a chamber equipped with connections for scales and cable runs.

Fully PLC  controlled inert gas environment to assure internal EX-Proof conditions  
The chamber is also equipped with two spray balls and two spray guns for perfect cleaning.

As in this case, the isolator is placed in an ATEX environment (ATEX ZONE 2 Ex II3D)room which requires

certified components to be installed inside the room.

Whenever possible , electric components and cabinets may be installed outside the working suite.

This integrated system provides controlled heating and vacuum cycling of pharmaceuticals in  vacuum/nitrogen ovens.

The oven is rated for 200°C heating and includes a high-limit thermostat to protect against overheating that could cause sublimation in chemical drying applications. Vacuum control pump operation  maintains the desired vacuum level (to 29.9" Hg).

Ravona Vacuum Dryer is probebly the most economical solution for air-sensitive substances and thermally instable products that require drying under controlled conditions in a dust-free vacuum atmosphere. The oven features enable the user to conduct curing and drying processes for a wide range of laboratory applications in  pharmaceuticals API and other substances. With an advanced heating system the oven wall temperature can be set accurately cin 0.1°C increments whilst allowing a maximum operating temperature of up to 200°C.

Being integrated into the rear wall or side of Ravona glovebox/Isolator,The oven dryer is the perfect solution when sensitive materials have to be handled under inert conditions prior to or after the drying/curing process.



  • Built in oven temperature: Up to 200°C

  • Humidity: Subambient to 0%RH (± 2% RH)

  • Process Gas: N2/Argon.






Lab process Isolator with dryer oven 

Powder transfer systems

Safety, productivity, and containment are priorities, Along with ease of cleaning.

Ravona powder transfer system provides safe and contained powder transfer, with a wide range of applications.


Containment systems for filling/emptying

The Ravona drum containment system provides a safe and contained method of filling and emptying drums.

big bags and continuous liners are the simplest most effective method of using the system.


High containment solution for emptying multiple bags.

The suction hopper can be connected to various items of equipment. Working in combination with the Ravona powder transfer system, it provides an easy discharge of hard flowing powders.

Instruments/apparatus/machinery integration into a containment enclosure


There are many obstacles on the way to achieve full containment and fully sealed containment enclosure with all the equipment  integration .


A very high level of expertise, knowledge and know how is required to successfully install and integrate different type of instrumentation into a containment enclosure.


In many cases , apparatus used for non  potent material , needs to change its usage for potent material handling.

There are two options :

1. To purchase new equipment (same equipment )with containment enclosure already in place , this option may be a very  expensive option.

2.To have the existing equipment integrated into a containment enclosure by professional company such as  Ravona Pharma.

Ravona glove boxes/isolators engineered alone or with integrated process equipment including:

 mills , blenders, weighing scales, reactors, rotary-evaporators, vacuum ovens, Nutsche filters and more.


Part of the process may require a mock up building , such mock up study may prevent users  ergonomic

Problems and equipment access through glove ports and gloves.


It is essential to have the actual equipment users actively  involved and assure the equipment can be easily used and

accessed .


Another issue that is very important and often overlooked  is size allocation for containment enclosures.

Containment enclosures (glove boxes/Isolators) can get large  and consume big floor space.


With Ravona Pharma glove box  isolators standing testing , our clients have the potential to handle the most potent products available on the market. Ravona’s high containment products have been designed to fulfill a range of applications including: dispensing and sampling, charging, drum filling, off-loading (continuous liner system), milling and micronizing, sieving and tray drying.

A micronizer type mill integrated into a containment enclousure